Thursday, April 30, 2009

Commentary Outline

Passage W

-Thesis: John Reed uses imagery, tone, and diction to show the horrors of war.

-John Reed's use of gruesome imagery shows how horrible war can be.
-"bandaged around the head"
-"arms in slings"
-"groaning heaps of arms and legs"

-John Reed's diction shows how terrible war can be.
-Use of words with negative connotations

-John Reed's development of a sombre tone also contributes to the horrors of war.
-tone developed through the imagery and diction


Paper 2 Questions

May 2001, Question B: Say what the titles of some individual works you have studied indicated to you at the outset. In what was were your first impressions reinforced or altered as you read and explored each work?

Translation: What did you think abouts the books after just reading the titles? How did your first impressions change?

I'm not really sure what element of fiction this is addressing, though maybe forshadowing seeing as it asks about what you thought would happen later in the book.

I would use As I Lay Dying, and, The Metamorphosis because those titles kind of gave me a certain idea about the book, whereas The Bluest Eye for example didn't really give me an idea where the book was headed.

May 2003, Question B: To what extent would you agree that plot should be valued more highly than style in the novel and short story? In your answer you should refer to two or three novels or short stories you have studied.

Translation: Which is more important, Plot or Style?

Obviously the elements of fiction dealt with here would be plot and style.

I would use As I Lay Dying, and The Metamorphosis, because I think those had the most intersting styles.